My new exhibition opens tonight.

The Amelia Douglas Gallery Presents

   Friday, January 10

Artist’s Talk: 10am

Everyone is welcome!


Opening Reception: 4:30-7:30pm

 Artist in attendance, live music

cash bar, hors d’oeuvres

Foods Behaving Strangely

Artist’s Statement


My inspiration for this series was the lavish, ostentatious feasting rituals of the Middle Ages. Historically, the feast has had many purposes, but predominantly it was used as a show of wealth and power.


These paintings and sculpture, although inspired by medieval feasts, are an account of my consumption; indeed, they have become about me: my stories, photographs, memories and groceries. The space I create for the foods is an imagined and contrived one, often bizarre and sometimes impossible.


Food has endless possibilities for exploring form, colour and texture; it brings on memory and emotion that few other objects can evoke. Having seen how an abundance of food could be the central performer at a medieval feast, I wanted to set it an even more dramatic stage. For me, food has become a framework for understanding and thinking about my life as an eater and as an artist.

-Nicola Tibbetts


The Feast: The Preparation, oil on canvas, 2010, Nicola Tibbetts 


The Ball of Life: Vancouver, oil on canvas, 2013, Nicola Tibbetts
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